International Investors Workshop

On 21 March 2002 the Susac team held a very successful 'International Investors Workshop' (click here to view proceedings) in Frankfurt, Germany, with the objective to improve understanding of what makes a good CDM project by looking at the real pilot projects developed within the EU funded CDM Susac project. The Investors Workshop was well attended by 32 people from a number of organisations and institutions across Europe and Africa and from the Susac project participating countries.

The workshop was opened by the Chair, Prof. Friedrich of IER, who welcomed all participants. A brief description of the aim of the workshop was presented by John Malone (ESD), followed by a presentation from Felicity Thomas (IER Susac project manager) who outlined the background and objectives to CDM Susac. The workshop continued with the presentations by the project proponents of the six CDM projects identified during the Susac activities. The projects presented as identified included:

The morning session was closed with presentations from:

- Mike Bess (ESD) - Experience & Future Prospects
- Tommi Tynjälä (GreenStream Network) - Risk & Risk Mitigation
- Astrid Bronswijk (Senter International) - Investment Opportunities & Removing Investement Barriers
- Dr. Maggie Kigozi (Executive Director of the Uganda Investment Authority) - Welcome to Investors

The afternoon was divided in two sessions open for discussions by all participants. The first session focussed on "Projects and Financing", the second on "Risk and Risk Mitigation" and both led to very interesting debate and comments that contributed to further understanding transaction costs and how they affect small CDM projects as well as the issues related to CDM investments finance and what is required to make projects ready for CDM finance.

last updated 3rd April 2002