Bulgaria Local Sustainable Energy Planning (LSEP)  - National Capacity Building      

Welcome to the Bulgaria LSEP National Capacity Building project website. This project builds upon the successful LSEP work undertaken in the pilot region of Kustendil, where three municipalities learned how to develop local energy plans that enabled them to identify energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) projects in their municipalities, and access funding to make them happen.

Find out more about the planning in this region and the projects that are now taking place ...

Extending the LSEP approach throughout Bulgaria ...

The key aim of this project is to disseminate the results of the original project to Bulgaria's other regions,  and national stakeholders. Taking three regions, the team will guide one municipality in each region through  the LSEP process. Representatives from each of the three Regional Administrations will work closely  alongside municipal stakeholders and the activity will be disseminated to Bulgaria's remaining regions  throughout the process.

Participating regions
and municipalities

Regular newsletters will be published, and two national stakeholder workshops will take place during the  course of this project. The project will finish in March 2003, at which time a web and CD-based guide on  'How to do Local Sustainable Energy Planning' will be completed and made available to interested parties  throughout Bulgaria.

Funding and support

This project is funded by the UK's
Department for International Development (DFID).

In addition to the regional and municipal authorities, key national agencies supporting the project include:

The project is being led by ESD UK and ESD Bulgaria. Contact us

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