ESD, of the UK, is responsible for overall project management,

Bath, UK
Tel: +44 1225 812102
Fax: +44 1225 812103
Contact: Madeleine Chapman
UK Project Manager

whilst EC BREC of Poland is responsible for everyday management and coordination.

EC Baltic Renewable Energy Center
Warsaw, Poland
Tel: (+48 22) 848 48 32
Fax: (+48 22) 646 68 50
Contact: Anna Oniszk
Poland Project Manager

Both ESD and EC BREC have extensive experience of sustainable energy planning, and have an expert team of staff working on this project.

ESD and EC BREC are liaising closely with the project's sponsors, the Polish Know How Fund desk in the British Embassy in Warsaw; and Poland's Ministry of the Environment who are the key government agency involved in the project.

The project activity will take place in the target county to be selected in Poland. This is where the sustainable energy planning will be carried out.

Representatives of the county will be trained in the techniques and tools to be used for sustainable energy planning, and will involve local stakeholders in the collection of data necessary to enable planning to take place.

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