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May 2004 Project report Europrosper publishable final report (click here - 281kb)
22 April 2004 IEECB'04 International Conference, Frankfurt Europrosper presentation (click here - 208kb)
22 April 2004 IEECB'04 International Conference, Frankfurt 1. Grading non-domestic buildings for their energy performance (click here - 231kb)
    2. Closing the credibility gap (click here - 293kb)
19 March 2004 Article 14 Committee, Brussels Implementing Energy Certification for the EPBD: A method for existing buildings based on measured energy. (click here - 206kb)
26 September 2003 CIBSE/ASHRAE Conference, Edinburgh Implementing the EU Directive on energy certification. (click here - 176kb)
8 September 2003 ENPER-TEBUC European workshop, Budapest An energy certification method for existing non-residential buildings based on measured energy. (click here - 176kb)
30 June 2003 FBE Seminar on energy/carbon rating methodologies for non-domestic buildings for the EPD A measured energy and tailored benchmarks approach for occupied buildings (click here - 174kb)
31 March 2003 EC Workshop on implementation of EU Directive, Brussels Presentation of Europrosper method for certification of Public buildings (click here - 153kb)
29 October 2002 Conference on EU Directive, BRE Watford, UK Presentation on Europrosper approach to energy labelling of non-domestic buildings (click here - 827kb)
23-26 October 2002 EPIC 2002 AIVC Conference, Lyon, France Presentation on developing methods for the energy certification of existing buildings (click here - 733kb)
18 September 2002 ENPER-TEBUC European workshop, London, UK Presentation of Europrosper project (click here - 1,079kb)
June 2002 Press release ESD announcement of Europrosper project (click here - 85kb)




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