Corporate Capability

EAA has a 15 year track record of working in the energy sector in Africa, with particular emphasis on renewable energy, rural and household energy, energy efficiency and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Our skill base is enhanced by the expertise of our UK partners, Energy for Sustainable Development Ltd (ESD).

An integrated approach to the energy sector

At EAA, we understand the dynamics of East Africa's developing energy sector, and are able to offer clients a clear way forward.

Commercial focus

Successful concepts, models and technologies must have a real demand in the market place to attract active involvement of the business sector. Our company strategy is to act as a catalyst for the commercialisation of sustainable energy.


We appreciate the significance of appropriate international and national renewable energy policies. We offer clear interpretation of policy and, through dialogue with governments and donors, work to create an enabling legal and policy framework for the growth and dissemination of renewable energy technologies.
Technologically sound

EAA has completed a wide range of projects over the past 15 years.  
Our solid track record means that we know which technologies will
and will not work.  We deliver effective renewable energy technology and build public awareness of its potential.
  EAA offers clients the following services:

Renewable energy
Product design and marketing
Commercial assistance
Energy auditing and planning
Off-grid system design and installation

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