Biomass and Rural Energy Planning

The supply and management of energy in rural Africa, where over 75% of the population live, is often omitted from government and donor planning. Africa's main sources of rural energy, fuelwood and charcoal, are diminishing in places where farm woodlots and forest management plans are absent.  As a result of poor rural energy planning, decreasing natural stocks of biomass energy and a lack of technical information and expertise, rural people often have limited access to adequate and affordable supplies of sustainable energy.

This situation can be improved. EAA has mobilised rural people and businesses to tackle energy challenges sustainably. Energy enterprises already provide thousands of jobs and are vital to the economic well-being of rural areas.  The potential for businesses and communities to better utilise their energy resources is vast. What is lacking is information, expertise and community involvement in the planning process.

EAA bridges this gap, offering expertise in the following areas:

  Energy Planning  providing the skills and resources needed to solve energy problems
  Biomass Technology  offering expertise on production, conversion and end-use