April 2002

What's New?

International Investors Workshop

On 21 March 2002 the Susac team held a very successful International Investors Workshop in Frankfurt, Germany, with the objective to improve understanding of what makes a good CDM project by looking at the real pilot projects developed within the EU funded CDM Susac project. The Investors Workshop was well attended by 32 people from a number of organisations and institutions across Europe and Africa and from the Susac project participating countries.

The workshop was opened by the Chair, Prof. Friedrich of IER, who welcomed all participants (a summary of the workshop is available here). A brief description of the aim of the workshop was presented by John Malone (ESD), followed by a presentation from Felicity Thomas (IER Susac project manager) who outlined the background and objectives to CDM Susac. The workshop continued with the presentations by the project proponents of the six CDM projects identified during the Susac activities. Two projects were presented as identified in Zambia, two in Uganda and two in Senegal.

The morning session was closed with the presentations from Mike Bess (ESD), Tommi Tynjälä (GreenStream Network), Astrid Bronswijk (Senter International) and Dr. Maggie Kigozi executive director of the Uganda Investment Authority.

Recent briefing papers

The team has recently completed briefing papers on the preparation of Monitoring and Verification Protocols and Institutional Structures in ACP and Annex 1 countries. These papers draw primarily on the experience of the Susac team whilst recognising international activities and developments. The papers are available on the CDM Susac web-site and will be integrated in the final report.

Final project meeting in Frankfurt

Following the investors workshop, the Susac team members held the project final meeting in Frankfurt. The team discussed the outcomes of the investors' workshop, the lessons learnt and focussed on how to bring CDM Susac to closure. Feedback was given on the projects identified and presented at the investors' workshop: further research was deemed necessary to complete some of the project profiles with information on baseline and investment requirements before they will be updated on the Susac website. The discussions moved further to explore progress done in each member country with respect to institutional setup for CDM. Simone Ullrich (IER) lead the afternoon session on lessons learnt on establishing baselines for the project and on the tools most appropriate for it. The final day of the meeting was used to draw the action plan for the team activities in the coming two months before official closure.

Closure and Final reporting

The project is moving towards closure. A number of potential CDM projects were identified and presented at the International Investors Workshop. During the Susac activities the project team examined a range of issues in ACP countries including capacity building, project development, financing, awareness raising and institutional issues. The findings of the project are captured, so far, in a series of very useful briefing papers. These briefing papers are being presented more clearly now on the web-site to act as a resource as an output from the project.

The project team is currently working on the final report that will present many of the findings so far and will also tackle issues such as CDM in the context of the Cotonou Agreement.

last updated 3rd April 2002