future cogen documents

The future cogen project has produced a number of documents, which are currently available. The reports are divided into two categories:

The final report is free to download (see the table below), and can be viewed either as a summary or as the complete report. Country reports are also available on a mixture of a free and fee-paying basis. Please refer to the tables below for details. Please note that ALL reports will be sent in electronic (PDF) format.

Final Reports

Final Report
Final Report Summary

Country report options

Cost (Euro)
Single Report
Additional Reports
200 (150) 2
CEE 10 countries + 3 other countries 3
175 (125) 2
All 28 countries
300 (250) 2
Notes: 1 For COGEN Europe members, the first three reports are free
2 These reduced prices are for COGEN Europe members only
3 The CEE countries are Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic & Slovenia
The three "other" countries are Cyprus, Norway & Switzerland

The country reports range from 400-500 kB each. If all 28 reports are ordered, they will be sent across a number of emails (total zipped size about 7 MB).

The future cogen team recommends that any potential purchaser of reports reviews at least one copy before making any purchases. All the reports have been written in the same format.

For details on how to order country reports, please email [email protected] at COGEN Europe.


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