The municipalities represented in the project have two main roles. These consist of:
  • Case Study Municipalities
  • Supporting Municipalities
The case study municipalities are where the case studies will be performed, starting in late 2003. The supporting municipalities are helping to develop the new version of SAFIRE, based upon their direct experience of using the old version of the model. They are also being twinned with the case study municipalities to provide training and their experience from local energy planning and modelling.
Biržai, Lithuania The region of Biržai lies in the far north of Lithuania, approximately 20 kilometers from the Lithuanian - Latvian border. Two hundred and fifteen kilometers north of Vilnius and roughly 100 kilometers south of Riga, Biržai is conveniently located just 20 kilometers off the main highway linking the two nations' capitals. Please see their website for more in-depth information on this municipality (click on the logo!)
Nové Zámky, Slovak Republic Nové Zámky is situated in Southwestern Slovakia with a population of 42 000 and is located on the border of Danubian Lowlands in the height of 119 metres above the sea level. Please see their website for more in-depth information on this municipality (click on the logo!)
Pivka, Slovenia The municipality covers an area of 223,5km2 for a total population of 6,000. The main economic activities include wood processing, poultry farms, tourism and agriculture. To find out more about this municipality please click on the logo to go to their website (not available in English though)

Lidzbark-Warminski, Poland
Situated in the north-eastern region of Poland, in the province of Warmia and Mazury, Lidzbark Warminski comprises several smaller municipalities, known in Polish as 'gminas'. These are Lidzbark Warminski, Kiwity, Lubomino and Orneta.
The county's primary industry is agriculture. However,in recent years, it has become an attractive tourist location, as a result of its beautiful landscapes, wildlife and nature, and recreational opportunities. In 1999, there were 2265 businesses operating in Lidzbark Warminski.
To find out more about the county in general, visit the The Seat of the County Township's own website at
Kustendil, Bulgaria
The Kustendil Municipality is situated in the southwest of the Republic of Bulgaria and famously known as Bulgaria's orchard, at an altitude of 527m. The municipality covers an area of 923 km2 and accounts for 30.21% of the whole Kustendil region. The municipality also covers 72 populated areas, within which there is 1 town and 71 villages.
Kustendil Municipality. To find out more about this municipality have a look on the following website
Sapareva Bania, Bulgaria

The Sapareva Bania Municipality covers 181 ha and has a population of 9398, this can be divided into people living in the town (4573) and in other villages (4825). The populated area includes one town, Sapareva Bania and 4 villages: Saparevo, Ovcharci, Resilovo, Paniciste.
To find out more you can have a look on the following website: