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RECerT - the European Renewable Electricity Certificate Trading Project

RECerT was an 18 month project, funded by the European Commission's 5th Framework Programme for Research and Development, and the project partners.


The project ran from February 2000 until July 2001, and was designed to help meet EU objectives for growth in renewable electricity energy production and use by disseminating understanding of Tradable Green Certificates. Through research, simulation techniques, workshops and conferences throughout Europe, the project stimulated the debate on international green certificate trading.


With 26 partners - electricity sector companies, transmission system operators and energy consultants from
16 European countries - RECerT was managed by ESD Ltd, UK (Contact: Chris Crookall-Fallon)

Interested in RECerT's conclusions?

Click on the links below to download PDFs of the project's publishable reports

RECerT final publishable report

Review of TGCs in Europe: synthesis & country profiles

Cost-benefit analysis report

TGC Economic Simulation Report


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