Promoting Renewables: Integration, Statistics & Monitoring

The PRISM project is a cluster of four projects partially financed by the European Commission's Altener programme . The individual projects within the PRISM project were:

    REStat 99

MITRE - Monitoring & Modelling Initiative on the Targets for Renewables Energy

MITRE has set out to monitor the European Union renewable energy targets and to inform key policy and decision makers of the employment benefits of a proactive renewable strategy. The challenge is encompassed in the MITRE mission statement: "Meeting the Targets & Putting Renewables to Work"

With positive action, the targets can be achieved, but the timeframe in which to implement these strategies is not long. The benefits of renewable energy growth are large, with potentially more than a million new jobs being created by the European renewable industry by 2010, coupled with increased European competitiveness and technological expertise, and improved security and diversification of supply. MITRE will achieve its goals if it helps to increase awareness of renewables in governments, promotes positive policies and expands the integration of renewable energy in Europe.

MITRE was carried out using a modelling framework, based upon the SAFIRE model, which has been integrated with the RIOT renewable input-output model. SAFIRE has been run to assess the changing potential for renewables in comparison to the targets, with the SAFIRE-RIOT link used to perform detailed employment analysis of the renewable energy sector.

REStat 99

The objective of REStat 99 was to provide a complete, reliable and updated data set, for Eurostat, on Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in the EU, Norway and Iceland. The data has been provided to the EC by a consortium of partners & subcontractors covering all these countries.

The dissemination of the project's results consists of two axes. The first axis concerns dissemination exclusively from the REStat 99 team, while the second concerns dissemination in the framework of the cluster. The first includes the production of 1000 copies of a statistical edition for RES in Europe, covering the period 1989-2000, as well as the production of the above edition in electronic format in order to be published through Internet in collaboration with DG TREN and Eurostat. The second axis of dissemination includes the presentation of the results to the cluster members, cluster events and the cluster web-site.


The primary objective of ENER-IURE has been to provide an on-line update of Member States legislation concerning renewable energy sources. All new laws concerning RES in the 15 Member States have been included and consulted by the general public in the ENER-IURE database. The coverage of the project is the European Union.

As planned at the beginning of the project, the results from ENER-IURE are contributing towards a legal-administrative framework, which constitutes a move towards providing the legal basis that renewable energy in Europe requires to realise its full potential. The project consisted of an integral programme, making it possible for the general public and RES investors to obtain accurate and reliable juridical-administrative information concerning RES legislation in the EU.

BUST - Building Standards

The objective of BUST was to determine the necessary measures for promoting the use of active solar energy systems in buildings. At the same time, this study has analysed the current situation in several countries for extracting conclusions that can be extrapolated to the European Union, unifying norms with regard to this area, that exist within the Community. For obtaining these objectives, each participating country in the project has produced a Guide which is collating the necessary measures, so that the building norms and urban regulations existing in various countries favour the incorporation of active solar systems. This Guide has been disseminated among public administrations and market actors relating to the building sector.

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