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Sustainable Energy for Kenya developing policy through dialogue

At present, Kenya's energy policy is only partly developed. While clear policies govern imported petroleum and electricity generation from hydro and geothermal sources, this is not the case for Kenya's main sources of energy - including wood and charcoal.

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Sound policies need to be developed in order to ensure that Kenya's energy supplies are more sustainable, widely accessible, and appropriate to the entire population. In this project, the UK's Department for International Development (DFID) Eastern Africa Office is supporting Energy Alternatives Africa Ltd to promote discussion amongst key stakeholders (industry, government, legislature and NGOs) on sustainable energy sources in Kenya. The goal of the project is to catalyse the development of a comprehensive energy policy that reflects various stakeholders' views, and that will:

accelerate development of sustainable energy to achieve social and economic equity;
reduce foreign exchange imports;
enhance Kenya's and the global environment;
promote private sector growth and employment generation.

For more information, contact

Stephen Mutimba
Project Manager
Energy Alternatives AFRICA Ltd (EAA)
PO Box 76406, Nairobi, Kenya, Tel: 254-2-722 721680

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