A key factor in determining the reliability and tangibility of the modelling results is the relative quality of the source data for the models. This objective has been a major part of MITRE, as the team acknowledges the direct link between the inputs and outputs from the models. The inputs and conclusions of the project have much greater value with a widespread and high quality range of sources. With this range, the MITRE team has been able to ensure the best levels of information retrieval and be confident of the value of these sources.

This objective has been successfully achieved by linking with the key organisations and projects within the European Union. The key information sources include the following:

Source Use of Source Web link
Observ'ER Baromètre Outputs dedicated to SAFIRE model requirements
REStat 99 project Official Eurostat renewable statistics for 1999 and 2000.

Eurostat Renewable 2000 statistics
ENER-IURE project Update of legal situation in each Member State
BUST project Updated policy recommendations on solar thermal implementation through updated building standards

PRETIR project Developing a monitoring protocol for renewable policy development
National statistics offices Renewable and energy data

Renewable energy trade associations

Renewable data and targets
Various other sources Various Various



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