Mitigating Risk and Strengthening Capacity for Rural Electricity Investment in Africa

Access to modern clean energy
, particularly electricity, is vital in the eradication of poverty and achieving sustainable development in rural areas in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is essential to encourage economic development and support the provision of services such as health, education, clean drinking water, telecommunications etc. Renewable energy resources and the rational use of energy can and must play a major role in this transformation. With over three quarters of Africa’s population living in rural areas and with less than 10% of those connected to electricity grids, it is crucial to stimulate private investment to meet this challenge. Some key risks facing private sector investors have to be removed including financial risk, political and policy risk; and regulatory and licensing risks.

The MIRREIA project intends to review and mitigate these major barriers to investment in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, and strengthen capacity through a ‘learning by doing’ approach, working directly with key Government and institutional stakeholders, and private sector developers.


Project Newsletter (110kb)
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MIRREIA is coordinated by ESD Ltd (UK) and funded under the COOPENER section of the Intelligent Energy for Europe programme (DG TREN). It runs from January 2005 until June 2007.

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