A sample of MGP projects is listed below

Peri-urban and Rural Energy Services (PRES)
CLIENT: Shell Foundation

PRES is funded by the Shell Foundation's "Increasing Access" programme. Its overall aim is to develop business models for the provision of energy services and products to peri-urban and rural areas in Eastern and Southern Africa based on existing commercial distribution infrastructures (petrol stations, supermarkets, etc). By achieving improved access to affordable energy services, it is expected that PRES will help reduce poverty and increase welfare and standards of living in peri-urban and rural areas in East Africa. For more information visit the PRES project web site.

Micro Hydro in LDCs (Less Developed Countries)

The project's aim was to look at the application of micro-hydro technologies and applications in parts of the world where it has been successful, and then draw conclusions for the correct approach to promote micro-hydro in parts of the world where there is a potential but where take up has been low up to now.  The case studies and survey work for the successful implementation of micro-hydro were Nepal and Sri Lanka, while the target countries for transfer of the approach were Uganda and Ethiopia. The project began in mid 1998 and completed at the end of 1999.  MGP worked with Reading University's International Development Centre in the UK and ESD.

Examining the Impacts of Fuel Substitution on Traditional Fuel Suppliers

This project is using a sustainable livelihoods approach to evaluate the impacts of fuel substitution on biomass suppliers: the research is focusing on those involved in transportation and sales of biomass fuels (especially charcoal & woodfuel). The project is examining the alternative options available to mitigate the impacts of traditional fuels, for example ventilation and chimneys to remove smoke, and agro-forestry to boost the supply of biomass fuels. These are being assessed against factors such as health, environment, local economy and poverty. The project focuses on urban fuel supply in Addis Ababa, Nairobi and Kampala. MGP is working with partners from the UK, Kenya and Uganda. For more information, contact the Fuel Substitution web site.

Energy Efficient Charcoal Stoves - Ethiopia
CLIENT: Ethiopian Ministry of Mines and Energy

MGP worked with ESD to develop an improved ceramic lined metal stove which reduces charcoal consumption by a third.  From an initial production base of several hundred stoves per month sales of the stove now approach 40,000 per month and some 1.2m stoves have been sold since its introduction in 1992

Poverty Alleviation Effects of Improved Stoves

MGP worked with ESD to determine the poverty-alleviating effects of successful charcoal stove programmes in Ethiopia. The project also focused on programmes in Kenya and Uganda. Visit the Poverty Stoves website for more information.

Regional Household Energy Project - Intergovernmental Authority on Development
CLIENT: European Commission, DG Development

IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development) is a regional development organisation in Eastern Africa. Based in Djibouti, the seven member states include Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda and Djibouti. IGAD's mission is to assist its member states, pool resources and co-ordinate activities so that the region can interact and compete in both the East African and global economies. This project has been working to develop common strategies for household energy supply in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan and Eritrea, and MGP has been responsible for carrying out the Ethiopian work. Visit the project website IGADRHEP for more information.

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