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What is JOINT?

Joint Implementation (JI) - The Kyoto Protocol (Article 6) establishes a mechanism whereby an Annex 1 (developed) country can receive "emissions reduction units" when it helps to finance projects that reduce net emissions in another Annex 1 country (including those with economies in transition).

Funded by the European Commission's Fifth Framework Programme and the project partners, JOINT was an 18 month project supported by national governments and industry participants in 14 countries from the EU, Norway and central and eastern Europe. The Project's goal was to facilitate commercial investments in the electricity and CHP sectors using JI in order to meet the Kyoto Protocol (Kyoto) targets and other international and national environmental obligations.

JOINT was an early 'learning by doing' project, aimed at:

Defining the scope and strategies, and impact for JI under the UNFCCC for such projects
Using and evaluating existing and new assessment tools to define baselines upon which to assess JI projects
Identifying qualified projects and match partners to these projects
Defining financing requirements and identify sources of finance for JI projects
Identifying the best screening criteria and means for measuring the expected GHG mitigation under the proposed projects
(including acceptable, workable baselines)
Assessing the monitoring, verifying and evaluation mechanisms to ensure credible reductions within the JI framework
Disseminating the results of the project and set up a framework under which the partners can exploit the results of their work

The JOINT team represented the largest international consortium working directly on Joint Implementation. It included specialists from industry, government, finance and the energy and environment sectors. These parties were brought together in each country to work both at a country level and also at a European level. To address the key aspects of investing in JI projects, the project activity was organised around working groups on:

Project Identification
Accreditation, Verification and Monitoring (AVM)
Institutional Frameworks
The results of these working groups, and the public outputs of the
JOINT project are available from this site. Please click here to access
a list of available documents.

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