Joint Implementation in Italy

Although Italy has a 6.5% reduction target commitment, a percentage below the EU average (Italy, in fact, has a relatively low pro-capita emission of GHG) governmental and industrial bodies and environmental organisations are fully involved in emission reduction policies.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( )
Ministry of Environment ( )
Ministry of Industry and Crafts ( )
Ministry of Treasury (
Ministry of Transport (
The joint activities of the above ministries constitute the different CIPE (Inter-ministerial Committee for Economic Programme)


ENEA (Italian Energy, New technology and Environmental Agency - with its energy Department ( and its Environmental Department ( Most documents in English.
They have a major role in research and have published the act of the "Energy and Environment National Conference" nominated by the Government in 1998: "il processo di attuazione del Protocollo di Kyoto in Italia, Metodi, scenari e valutazione di politiche e misure"
ANPA (Italian Environmental Agency:
The First and Second national Communication can be downloaded in English on the UNFCCC web-site.
The Second Communication, in particular, is a long (323pages 4MB) and comprehensive study published in November 1998. To get the report go to then follow Programmes > Annex I Implementation > National Communication of Annex I parties > Italy.
This document can also be found in the document uploaded in the country section.


The authority for electricity and gas web-site is


ENEL, the main Italian Electricity Company, which is taking part at the COP6, and has recently reached a voluntary agreement on emissions target with the Ministry of the Environment can be found at
Emerging Electricity companies, expected to play a major role in the near future, are EDISON and SONDEL
ENI is the main Italian oil and gas company at with its useful Research-Foundation Fondazione Mattei (in English)
The confederation of Italian Industries is at


Institute for the Environment Istituto per l'Ambiente:
Renewables Energy link at
Some information can be obtained from different environmental sites:,,,

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