Fuel Substitution & Traditional Fuel Supply in Uganda - some key points

Household Energy mix

Woody biomass is Uganda's most important energy resource in all sectors of the economy. Firewood and charcoal are the main sources of household energy.

Fuel substitution

Electricity Uganda is currently undergoing a general electricity crisis, with the removal of subsidies meaning that electricity is becoming increasingly seen as an unaffordable fuel source.
Kerosene Imported by multinational corporations (MNCs). Distributed by:
- Petrol stations
- Fuel pumps
- Retail shops
LPG Supply is through petrol stations and a few shops/supermarkets. However, LPG is not yet being widely used.
Improved stoves After a ten year effort, only 15% of Kampala's households own improved charcoal stoves (visit http://povertystoves.energyprojects.net for more information).

Transporting charcoal in Kampala
Actors in Kampala's fuel supply chain
In January 2002, a stakeholder workshop was held in Kampala - for more information, click here

Ugandan project team
Biomass and Health

A young girl putting firewood under the three stone cooking stove: Soot deposits on the walls of the kitchen indicate the health effects of prolonged exposure to woodsmoke.

Health effects of biomass: Ugandan Case Study