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Listed below is a collection of articles and press releases which are relevant to the Europrosper project. Please click on the title to obtain an electronic copy of the article you require.

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Date Title Publication
10 September 2003
House of Commons debate on EPD (136kb) Hansard
September 2003
Property needs sustainability (377kb) BSJ
August 2003
Tax system should encourage buildings to save the planet (592kb) The Independent
May 2003
EPD Roundtable (190Kb) BSJ
March 2003
Opinion by Paddy Conaghan (136Kb) BSJ
March 2003
Cutting heat loss a hot topic for UK homes (71Kb) Financial Times
March 2003
Read the label - large public buildings will soon need to display an energy certificate (100 kb) Energy World
August 2002
Read the label (326 kb) BSJ
August 2002
Buildings must carry energy labels by 2005 (420 kb) BSJ
August 2002
Editorial - Easy as A, C, D (164 kb) BSJ
July 2002
Directive should be greatest step change in energy in buildings (28 kb) EIBI
July 2002
Energy label for buildings (202kb) FMJ
June 2002
Building's energy efficiency to be certified by 2004 (249kb) Water, Energy & Environment
June 2002
Directive gains EU approval (125 kb) EIBI
May 2002
How Green is your Property? (507 kb) Building
March 2002
Torwards common energy standards for buildings across Europe. (25 kb)  Energy World
March 2002  
EU plans efficiency initiatives... (2,081 kb)  EIBI
 January 2002
Energy survey to be required when building's occupiers change. (1,029 kb) EIBI 
June 2001
Why should we embrace this EU directive? (14 kb)  New Statesman


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