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Institutions - Energy Supply and Demand

  The ESRI project addresses institutional energy supply and demand in rural Africa. Focusing specifically on hospitals and schools, the project will set up energy service and supply companies in each of the participating countries.

Countries participating in the ESRI project:



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Working with a number of hospitals and schools, Energy Service Advisors (ESAs) will conduct pilot energy audits, and will define areas for improving end-use efficiencies for biomass and traditional fuels.

The ESAs will then continue to work with the institutions and will develop detailed action plans, so that the following benefits can be realised:

  • financial savings for the institutions
  • environmental health benefits
  • improved localised environmental effects
If successful, an important result of the pilot will be that the ESAs will be able to continue to operate profitably with other institutions, as well as the private sector.

Building the capacity of local entrepreneurs, institutions and technicians to address issues of energy efficiency and renewable energy supply is also a key aim of the project.

DFID is also funding another project which is helping to establish successful rural energy service companies (RESCOs).
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The project is funded by the UK Department for International Development DFID's Knowledge and Research programme.
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