ENDA - Environmental Development Action in the Third World

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Prof. Youba Sokona
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Djmingue Nanasta - Project Co-ordinator
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Dr. Jean Philippe Thomas

Moussa Kola Cisse

The country team has contributed to the project activities with the following papers and presentations:

Enda TM (Environmental Development Action in the Third World) is an international organisation with diplomatic status based in Dakar, Senegal. The organisation consists of a group of teams and programmes working in synergy. Enda tiers-monde is also a network of decentralized nodes worldwide.

Enda aims at:

  • Working with grassroots groups on the basis of their needs and objectives;
  • Contributing to the search for alternative development possibilities at all levels as well as to the various kinds of training programmes which will make this development possible;
  • Contributing to intellectuals and trained personnel's involvement in the setting up and implementation of development programmes in the service of the largest number of people possible.

By carrying out, on the basis of grassroots development actions and the struggle of the peoples of the Third World, a permanent search for a methodology which will cater for their need and desire for independence.

Identifying with the basis of grassroots development actions and the struggle of the peoples of the Third World, Enda-TM is engaged in the on-going search for a methodology, which will cater for the needs and desires for independence of those people to and incorporate:

  • Integrated action, reflection and training;
  • Interdisciplinary and constant reference to the environment perceived as the totality of physical, biological, economic and cultural relationships which concern human groups;
  • Priority use of local, technical, human and national resources;
  • Maximum participation of the population in the conception, implementation and control of development actions;
  • Intensive exchange of experiences and techniques among the various regions of the Third World.
  • In this way, Enda runs an exchange and study network with numerous partners throughout the Third World.

Enda aims at self-help on as large a scale as possible for grassroots groups, on the basis of regional, national and international development planning. Senegal is not only one of the leaders in the development of the CDM framework in Africa, but in the entire world. ENDA has been a key pace setter in this regard. ENDA has, in co-ordination with other key stakeholders in Senegal, developed an extensive information base, and information exchange platform on the issues surrounding the UNFCCC, and in particular CDM. It has taken the lead in CDM conferences in Accra (August 1998), Buenos Aires, and the African Ministerial Conference in Nairobi. Its InterNet Web site provides one of the ACP countriesí most well-known forums for developing the CDM concepts. A key concern of Government is rural energy issue which needs to be closely looked at along with the recent privatisation of the electricity utility. As noted above, development of the electricity sector, and expansion of electrification to poor urban and all rural consumers would have a major climate mitigation effect, while also accelerating equitable economic growth dramatically. Key issues for government and other stakeholders' concern the means by which agricultural production can be intensified (e.g., energy for agro-processing), how the transport sector can be rationalised (and emissions reduced) and how waste can be better managed. These are all top items on Senegalí s agenda for CDM within the context of the UNFCCC and the post-Kyoto follow up. ENDA has discussed this proposed CDM project with the Department of Environment which is very supportive of the idea.

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