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prepared by ESD, the BASE project Coordinator. For more information, contact Madeleine Chapman at ESD.

JI and Baselines in the UK
a summary
 Industry involvement

UK industry has shown a high level of interest in the opportunities offered by the Kyoto Flexible Mechanisms, particularly in the Emissions Trading Scheme, and increasingly in JI and CDM.

These mechanisms are being heavily promoted by Trade Partners UK, and the Climate Change Projects Office has been giving practical guidance on investments to a large number of companies.

Experience within industry in developing baselines is also being achieved through the World Bank's Prototype Carbon Fund (PCF) and the Netherlands ERUPT scheme.

  A Climate Change Projects Office was launched in May 2001 by DTI and DEFRA
  The policy framework for JI or CDM is starting to be developed
  DFID, DEFRA and DTI are working together on guidance for climate change projects (under JI, CDM and ET)
Guidelines for setting baselines are being developed by government for UK companies
No Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) have been signed between the UK government and other countries as yet.
The UK has developed Europe's first national Emissions Trading Scheme, the final rules of which were issued in August 2001


Key National Stakeholders
The Climate Change Projects Office (CCPO) was launched in May 2001 by DEFRA and DTI. The office provides advice and support to UK business interested in carrying out greenhouse gas emission reduction projects abroad, as well as to companies looking to invest in projects in the UK. For more information, visit
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) DEFRA is the national UNFCCC focal point. They are currently working on guidance for climate change projects and in particular baselines. For more information, visit
Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). The FCO established the Climate Change Challenge Fund (CCCF) in February 1999 together with DEFRA, DTI and DFID. The CCCF works with developing countries and British companies to encourage the use of climate-friendly technologies. For more information, visit
Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). DTI are working closely with DEFRA to develop the Emissions Trading scheme and to promote JI and the CDM and in particular setting guidelines for UK companies. For more information, visit
Department for International Development (DFID). DFID are working with DEFRA and DTI and their focus is sustainable development, particularly through small scale renewables and the CDM. For more information, visit

UK Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS): The Emissions Trading Group (ETG) was formed in June 1999 by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and Advisory Committee on Business and the Environment (ACBE). It comprises some 100 leading companies, representatives of DEFRA, DTI and HM Treasury and related organisations. The ETG began working with the UK Government to develop a trading market for greenhouse gases in 2000. After developing a framework for the scheme, the UK Emissions Trading Scheme was launched in August 2001. Find out more at

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