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An overview of Kyoto Mechanisms and Baselines in Austria
In accordance with the EU schedule, the Austrian ratification of the Kyoto Protocol is expected by summer 2002.
The Austrian government sees the flexible mechanisms as an important element of Austria's Climate Change Strategy.
A programme to acquire emissions reductions from JI & CDM projects is currently under preparation. Rules are being elaborated, and funding of around 36 Million/year is anticipated
No Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) have yet been signed, though advanced negotiations are being held with Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia and Hungary.
A standard MoU has been elaborated by the Austrian UNFCCC focal point, the Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.
Industry involvement

Austrian industry is showing increasing interest in flexible mechanisms. Pilot projects are under discussion and projects being proposed to the relevant ministries. Although industry is beginning to recognise the possible benefits of JI and CDM, there is currently no clear strategy on whether projects are to be developed under the Austrian JI/CDM programme or to fulfil commitments/industry caps.

Key National Stakeholders

The Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment
and Water Management

(UNFCCC focal point and leading negotiator in JI/CDM-issues)

Ministry of Economy

Ministry of Finance

Austrian Energy Agency

Association of Industry

Austrian Association of Electricity Utilities

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