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Flexible Mechanisms in Slovenia
- a summary
  Guidelines for setting baselines are being developed by the BASE project for Slovenia
  An MoU with Austria has been prepared for signing
  Within the Ministry for Environment was established
  A new Working Group has been established within the Ministry of Environment and is responsible for climate change projects and also for JI.
The Group will formulate the framework for implementation of the Kyoto Mechanisms as a part of the national climate policy
  The Ministry of the Environment prepared the Strategy for the reduction of GHG in Slovenia" which was adopted in November 2000. Within the strategy the possibilities for using flexible mechanisms was elaborated.
Industry involvement
Slovene industry is showing interest in the opportunities offered by Kyoto Flexible Mechanisms projects.
Environmental Policy
The National program for Environmental Protection (NPEP) was adopted in year 1999.
The NPEP outlines overall environment targets, CO2 reduction targets and principles for equalizing the burden of emissions reduction costs among various key sectors.
Energy Policy
New Energy law was adopted in year 1999.
The Energy Law introduced sustainable development principles by giving priority and support to energy efficiency, use of renewable also a part of the Acquis Communautaire.

Key National Stakeholders

Ministry of Economy

Kotnikova 5, 1000 Ljubljana
Responsible for the development of the entrepreneurial sector and competitiveness

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food

Dunajska 56-58, 1000 Ljubljana

Responsible for agriculture and forestry

Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
Dunajska cesta 48, 1000 Ljubljana
The Environmental Development Fund of the Republic of Slovenia
Trg republike 3, 1000 Ljubljana
Environmental Agency

Vojkova cesta 1b, 1000 Ljubljana
The national authority coordinating Climate Change issues, UNFCCC Focal point

Energy office

Dunajska cesta 48, 1000 Ljubljana
Responsible for Energy Development and Planning

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