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Memorandum of Understanding Hungary hasn't signed any Memoranda of Understanding yet, however there is one MOU under preparation with Holland.
AIJ projects AIJ projects have been realised in the past. Typical examples of these projects can be found in the Second National Communication of Hungary p.61. ( They include energy efficiency measures, and fuel switch projects.
Institutional background for JI A proposal is under discussion on forming the framework of JI projects in Hungary. The recent elections will probably delay the approval and coming into force of the institutional background of JI.
Baseline development Top down sectoral baselines have long traditions in Hungary in modeling power sector emissions and energy related emissions. For the AIJ projects baselines have been calculated in some cases.
JI projects

The Hungarian stakeholders have high hopes towards JI projects in Hungary. The main field of such projects would be the power sector, district heating, and utilisation of renewables. There are several proposals and ideas on JI projects from the above areas.

The Hungarian National Climate Changes Strategy lists the preferences of the country's government in this aspect.


Ministry of Economic Affairs

Ministry of Environmental Protection
Hungarian Power Companies

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Hungary's Second UNFCCC National Communication