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Finnish National Climate Strategy Policy  
BASE Country Team
  Finland's National Climate Strategy (2001) is currently based only on domestic measures, although preparations for future participation in the Kyoto Mechanisms are being made.  

  The need to reduce emissions is estimated to be 14 Mt by 2010 compared with BAU scenario.  
  The strategy is based on renewables, energy conservation and other measures (e.g. landfill) and changes in electricity production.
  An inter-ministerial working group, chaired by Ministry of Trade & Industry was set up in November 2001 in order to define tasks for different authorities, e.g.defining the role of authorities for mechanisms, P&Ms and reporting.
Ministry of Trade and Industry

A working group was set up to formulate a proposal about the implementation of the Kyoto Mechanisms as part of the national climate policy. The working group's final report 'Application of the Kyoto Mechanisms in Finland's Climate Policy' (Jan 2001) is available at:

Kyoto Mechanisms
  A Pilot Programme has been launched to prepare for the implementation of JI and CDM - the key agency is the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, in conjunction with other ministries.
  Under the Pilot Programme, one project has been implemented and approximately 10 are in the pipeline.
  Finland has Memoranda of Understanding with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.
  Baseline activities undertaken so far are mainly related to the Finnish CDM/JI Pilot programme. Active parties include Electrowatt-Ekono Oy, VTT, Fortum and PVO


Ministry of the Environment

P.O.Box 380
Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358-9-1991 9505

Mr. Mika Sulkinoja, Senior Adviser

Ministry of Trade and Industry

P.O.Box 32
00023 Government, Finland
Tel. +358-9-160 4835

Mr. Seppo Oikarinen, Counsellor

Finnish Environment Institute

P.O.Box 6, 00251 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358-9-4030 0421

Mr. Ismo Ulvila,
Project Manager
Finnish CDM/JI Pilot Programme

Finnish Environment Institute

P.O.Box 6, 00251 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358-9-4030 0421

Ms. Kati Kulovesi, Legal adviser
Finnish CDM/JI Pilot Programme

Helsinki Energy

Kampinkuja 2
00100 Helsinki,
Tel. +358-9-617 2430

Mr. Mikko Laakkonen, Director

Electrowatt-Ekono Oy

P.O.Box 93
02151 Espoo, Finland
Tel. +358-9-4691 340

Mr. Kari Hamekoski,
Senior Consultant
Mr. Tomas Otterstrom,
Vice President
Mr.Harri Laurikka

GreenStream Network Ltd
Eteläranta 12
FIN-00130 Helsinki
Tel.: +358-40-840 8003
Fax: +358-9-4780 1112

Mr Tommi Tynjälä
Executive Vice President

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