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Olga Danilova / Magdalena Rogulska

JI and Baselines
JI Secretariat
Recent climate change documents
The Polish national focal point is the JI Secretariat at the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

- Polish Third National Communication have been submitted to the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC on 30 November 2001
- Climate change strategy is under preparation

Kyoto Protocol
Baselines Activities
Poland ratified Kyoto protocol on 13.02.2002
- For above AJI/JI projects the baselines have been calculated for each specific case
- Some research on standardized baseline methodologies and guidelines for baseline calculations has been carried out by Polish organization as well as international ones (CCAP, BASREC)
MoU's signed with
JI Projects
- Finland
- Canada

•Polish-Dutch projects
- Utilisation Of Wood Chips For Heating Purposes In Urban Areas - The demonstration Plant In Jelenia Góra

•Polish-Canadian projects
- Hydro power plant on Bobr river, in Leszno Gorne

•Other projects
- Few projects in preparation

AIJ Projects
• Polish-Norwegian AJI program
Program consisting of the two major components: coal-to-gas conversion (modernization of about 30 non-industrial boiler houses) and energy efficiency in new residential buildings (insulation of buildings and installation of energy efficient equipment)
• Polish-Dutch AJI projects
- Reduction of atmospheric pollution through modernization of heat supply system in the town of Byczyna
- Sustainable heat and power for public networks in Poland in Szamotuly.

National Stakeholders

JI Secretariat at The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management


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Polish Evaluation Criteria for JI projects, UNFCCC
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