ISPO, d.o.o., consulting for business
Tivolska 50,
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ISPO Ltd is a business consulting, engineering and project management company. Our basic activities are in the field of energy, business consulting, investment activity, designing, technical consulting, and financial engineering. ISPO has developed systems for sustainable development of energy sector. We offer companies, local communities, agencies, and ministries the whole range of projects and services, from energy concepts, energy conservation and efficiency in energy sector, energy audits for industry and buildings, energy development and renewables together with environmental problems. Our activities include strategy development, marketing and promotion campaigns for energy efficiency and renewables, and the preparation of manuals and guidelines. ISPO provides consulting assistance for identification, development and implementation of Slovene energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for a number of municipalities and cities.
ISPO is a member of the core team of the JOINT and the BASE project.

· management consulting for different sectors (agriculture, forestry, industry, trading, tourism,..)
· project management, financial engineering
· development, modernization, investment consulting
· integrated management systems (quality, environment, .. )
· innovation / new technologies transfer
· internationalization / globalization
· use of renewable energy sources (biomass, solar, hydro,.. )
· knowledge and experience with different environmental issues
· solid and waste treatment and management
· incineration different waste with heat utilisation
· recycling system