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The European Climate Change Programme - a summary
Established in June 2000 to help identify environmentally and cost effective measures to meet the EU target
Multi-stakeholder consultative process working to develop policies and measures focusing on energy, transport, industry, agriculture, waste and the residential and tertiary sectors.
The ECCP contributed to the work of the EC on the EU - wide emissions trading scheme
The JI and CDM sub group of the ECCP is working to:
> Identify regulatory and administrative gaps in the Community Framework
Discuss relationships with policies and measures
> Discuss links with existing EC legislation on environment and energy
Examine interim arrangements prior to Kyoto institutions being set up
> Explore possible links with the Community emissions trading system
> Assess awareness levels information sharing and capacity in EU member states
> Identify and review support mechanisms and assess priorities for future support
A report was published in June 2001 which discusses the modalities of JI and the CDM and can be found at:
The ECCP is currently looking at putting the rules for JI & CDM into operation
EU Emissions Trading Scheme

The European Commission has proposed a Directive on Emissions trading in order to provide a community wide framework. The Directive seeks to harmonise methods of allocation of allowances and the proposed scheme will apply to activities covered by the IPPC Directive. The scheme will start in 2005 and will have is a preliminary phase during 2005-2007 prior to full trading in the Commitment Period (2008-2012).
Emissions Trading Green Paper

Emissions Trading Framework Directive
Other key EU policies

European Union Strategy for Sustainable Development

This strategy has proposed a number of actions to combat climate change in the field of environmental taxation, fossil fuel subsidies and extended environmental targets

The 6th Environmental Action Programme (EAP)
The EAP sets environmental priorities and objectives with measures to be taken over the next 5 - 10 years. The EAP specifically identifies actions on climate change such as the EU-wide emissions trading scheme and specific policy instruments to reduce green house gases.


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