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 Green certificates in Poland
- a summary
Poland is due to join the European Union in May 2004.
  Currently, renewable energy is promoted by the Energy Law which put the quota obligation on energy traders. The details of the obligation are stated in the Ordinance of the Ministry of Economy. It is expected that the amendment of the Ordinance will get into force from July 2003.
 It must be emphasised that in Poland there is no State regulated preferential price for renewable electricity (RES-E). Higher prices for renewable electricity are driven by supply and demand for RES-E from parties obliged to buy this energy.
Renewable electricity in 2001 provided about 1,71 % of gross electricity production. Almost 1,22 % was produced in large hydro power plants.
The indicative target for Poland of RES-E is 7,5 % in 2010. This indicative target is stated in II Appendix to Accession Treaty which for an amendment to the Directive 77/2001/EC.
Already existing renewable obligation (quota obligation) for a good base for implementation of Tradable Renewable Energy Certificates (TRECs).

Key National Stakeholders

Ministry of Economy, Labour and Social Policy (MELSP)

00-507 Warsaw, Poland
3/5 Plac Przech Krzyży Str.
tel. +48 22 693 50 00 (telephone exchange)
tel. +48 22 693 52 26 (Energy Security Department)
fax: +48 22 693 40 35 (Energy Security Department)

Website: www.mg.gov.pl

Ministry of the Environment
52/54 Wawelska Str.
00-922 Warsaw, Poland
tel.: +48 22 579 29 00 (telephone exchange)
fax: +48 22 57 92 795 (Environmental Policy Department)

e-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.mos.gov.pl

Energy Regulatory Authority

64, Chłodna
00-872 Warsaw, Poland
Tel: +48 22 661 61 07
Fax: +48 22 661 61 52

e-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.ure.gov.pl

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