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Centre for Promotion of Clean and Efficient Energy in Romania

 Green certificates in Romania
- a summary
The share of renewables in the brut electricity consumption is provided only by hydro, and is estimated to:
28.8% (with large hydro) and 0.65% (without large hydro).
The basic laws governing the energy sector are the Electricity and Heat Law (Government Ordinance 63/1998) and the Energy Efficiency Law (99/2000), mention in general terms, the intention to promote renewables.
  In April 2003 it was issued the Government Decision no. 443 of 10 April 2003, on the Promotion of Electricity Production from Renewable Energy Sources. This Decision was meant to start the transposition of the Directive 2001/77. The act builds the framework for further secondary legislation to introduce support market mechanisms for renewables. It establishes also the target for renewables electricity production as a quota of the gross power consumption: 30% in 2010. This target is quite modest, starting from 29% today, and may not address necessarily other sources than large hydro.
Under GD no.443, within 6 month after April 2004, the term provided for the Decision to come to effect, the ANRE regulatory body will issue a proposal for a regulation dedicated to Green certificates mechanism. Hence, it is expected that the Green Certification mechanism will not be operational sooner than 2005

Key National Stakeholders

The Ministry of Industry and Resources

70034 Bucharest, Romania
152 Calea Victoriei

phone:+4021 212 90 05;
fax:+ 4021 312 05 13

Website: www.

Romanian Electricity & Heat Regulatory Authority (ANRE)

70219 Bucharest 2, Romania
3 Constantin Nacu str

phone:+4021 303 25 85
fax:+ 4021 312 43 65

e-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.

Romanian Electricity Market Operator (OPCOM)

70335 Bucharest 3, Romania
16-18 Hristo Botev str

phone:+4021 307 14 10
fax:+ 4021 307 14 00


Minister of Waters and Environment Protection

Bucharest 5, Romania
12 Libertatii

tel.: +4021 410 04 82

e-mail: [email protected]


Bucharest, Romania
9, Grigore Alexandrescu

tel.: +4021 08 59 99
fax: +4021 208 59 98

e-mail: o[email protected]
Website: www.

Romanian Agency for Energy Conservation (ARCE)

Bucharest, Romania
16, Nicolae Balcescu Bvd

tel.: +4021 314 59 29
fax: +4021 312 31 97


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