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 Green certificates in Hungary
- a summary
Legislative framework to define renewables is set out together with a decree specifying the supporting feed-in tariff system. This system is a preliminary lead-in to the future green certificate system.
At present the share of renewables in the total primary energy supply is 3,6% (Ministry of Economy and Transport 2003) which is to be doubled (to a minimum of 5%) by 2010, Renewable electricity currently provides cca. 0,5%-1% of the countries annual electricity consumption.

Key National Stakeholders

The Ministry of Environmental Protection

1011 Budapest,
Fo u. 44-50
Mr. Tibor Farago

Hungarian Power Companies

1011 Budapest
Fo u. 32
Mr. Vilmos Civin

Ministry of Economic Affairs
Mr. Miklos Poos
[email protected]

Regional Environmental Center

Ms. Zsuzsa Ivanyi
[email protected]

Co-Energy Ltd.

Mr. Laszlo Zsuffa
[email protected]

CEU, Env. Protection Dept.

Ms. Diana Urge-Vorsatz
[email protected]


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