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 Green certificates in Czech Republic
- a summary
458 ACT of 28th November 2000 on Business Conditions and Public Administration in the Energy Sectors (the "Energy Act") - the obligation of the electricity purchase from the RES. The price is fixed, done by the Regulatory Office for one year.
Renewable electricity currently provides 1,7% of the annual electricity consumption
A new Act for the RES Electricity Utilization is being preparing. The system of fixed purchase prices or the system of quotas/green tradable certificates is under the discussion
The National Energy Policy Document will be updated this year. The government's target is to increase the share of renewables in electricity consumption to
 3-6% by 2010.

Members of the Czech Country Team

The Ministry of Environment

Vrsovicka 65
100 10 Praha 10, CZ
tel. +420 26712 2084
fax: +420 267310277

Miroslav Hajek ([email protected])

The Czech Association for RES utilization

Novotneho lavka 5,
116 68 Praha 1, CZ
tel. +420 221082631

Jan Motlik ([email protected])


Truhlarska 11
110 00 Praha 1,CZ
tel/fax. +420 222314564

Milan Smrz
([email protected])

Czech Ecological Institute

Vrsovicka 65
110 00 Praha 10, CZ
tel. +420 267225204

Miroslav Safarik
([email protected])


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